Club History


Oregon’s first running, club has been an integral part of the running scene since 1969 when the club was formed to promote health and fitness, through the sport of running and walking. The club was named the Southern Oregon Sizzlers until 2007 when a name change was initiated to more easily identify what the club is about.


The original colors that still exist are patriotic in nature; red, white, & blue. These colors have been worn proudly in events spanning our nation, including the U.S. Olympic Trials.The first race organized by the club was a Fourth of July, 10 miler in Eagle Point. We were born, on Independence Day. Two other events were established early on and continue to be, two of the oldest road races in Oregon: Stage Coach and Pioneer. Pioneer is the only event held on the original course since it’s initial running in 1971.

Over the years, the club has provided many races and fun runs, including two national championships, a Master’s 25 km & a Master’s Marathon.


Members receive quarterly newsletters from the club and the national organization, Road Runners Club of America. They also receive discounts on merchandise from several local running stores. The main benefit is that of belonging to a community oriented organization while pursuing one’s hobby of running/walking.


The camaraderie which the club founders sought, still abounds among Southern Oregon Runners.

  Club Profile:

Southern Oregon Runners is a non-profit organization for the
promotion of health and fitness through the sport of running and walking.
Oregon's oldest and most active running club.